History of Dar es Salaam Tanzania

History of Dar es Salaam Tanzania

History of Dar es Salaam Tanzania – Dar es Salaam is the largest Cities to travel to in Tanzania and a well known town for its cultural heritage. Dar es Salaam city attracts a lot of visitors and tourists all round the years since its origin. This is when it used to be known as ‘Mzizima’ that represents a ‘harbour of peace’. Definitely, it is the only place in East Africa where you can be assured of total relaxation, internal versus external peace and freedom; as literal as it is seen.

Dar es Salaam has a very conducive climatic condition of average humid levels and stable temperatures that is both in terms of during the day and at night. And in all round seasons: summer to winter. Occasionally the most dry and cool seasons is June and early October.

Rains normally start in November, commonly the short rain season and the long rains begin in March up to May. Therefore, it is essential to tour places that have favourable climate seasons, and further even good to come and learn the good history of Dar es Salaam Tanzania which has taken tours and excursions in Africa by storm!

Why is the history of Dar es Salaam Tanzania accountable?

Dar es Salaam is Tanzania’s richest cities to travel to and a hub for economic activities that serve the whole of East Africa Region. A lot of businesses and trading activities are planned and executed in this city for instance:

  • Electronic industry,
  • Banking and finance,
  • Insurance,
  • Motor industry,
  • Technological,
  • Education among others.

It also serves to create a lot of jobs to a high percentage of the people of Tanzania and also foreign investors from across the world. Equally, it is an administrative province within Tanzania that comprises of three local government regions commonly known as administrative Districts.

This includes: Kiondoni to its North, Ilala in the centre of the region and Temeke to its south. Also, the fascinating history of Dar es Salaam Tanzania is that it lost its official status as a city to Dodoma in the 1974. However, this agreement was not completed until 1996 where Dar es Salaam continued to serve as the centre of government bureaucracy; and the capital city also to the entire Dar es Salaam region.

Other factors that led to the value of the history of Dar es Salaam Tanzania

Dar es Salaam Tanzania is rich in various angles of resources but tourism sets it apart from other countries and their cities. For instance: there are various places that most likely add more value to the history of Dar es Salaam Tanzania.

This includes:

  • The Museums of Tanzania,
  • The Historical Monuments,
  • Lakes and Mountains amid other geographical features.
  • Places like the Zoological gardens,
  • Halls,
  • Beaches,
  • hotels, lodges and beautiful restaurants,
  • Game reserves, Parks,
  • towns and slum areas makes Dar es Salaam a wonderful place to be.

These are some of the things that make visitors feel charitable to come and witness, on a first-hand account; the colourful history of Dar es Salaam Tanzania.

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