Things to Keep in Mind When Embarking on a Sea Adventure

Things to Keep in Mind When Embarking on a Sea Adventure

Things to Keep in Mind When Embarking on a Sea Adventure – Going on the cruises is surely a different kind of stuff. You may be just a free bird and would not have to worry at all about meals, accommodations or even making a bed. While cruising your cruise liner is just a World class hotel which visits different ports along its route.

If you are planning your first cruise, we may provide you with some tips which will make your sea adventure a memorable one.

Selecting a Cruise Line

You must first finalize as to what are your destinations. You may choose from tropical islands tour, Alaskan glaciers, European waterways tours or just short trips around the US shores.

It also depends on who is going on your tour. If you plan a honeymoon trip, then you wont’ choose family cruise, similarly if you want to indulge in the gambling, go for a onboard casino, if it’s a family tour, then see if there are activities for all the age groups.

Cruise Ship’s Size

If you are comfortable in the crowds, then go for a big liner. You will be in the company of thousands of people. These ships just resemble a floating city. If the ship is big so are their activities. The people who operate these cruises offer entertainment to all the age groups. If you on the other hand prefer solace, you can go for smaller ships. They are small and you may have to pay more for the privacy they offer.

Your Packing List

What you pack will depend on which destination you are heading to. If you’re moving on cruise to the Alaska, then winter clothing will be must for you. On the other hand on your tour to the tropics, you may not need that winter clothing, but still you would want to keep one or two warm cloths for evening strolls you may take on the ship’s deck where you may sometimes face cold winds.

It’s also necessary that you bring in the requisite identification documents like the passport. You must leave a photocopy of the ID back at home, so that the same can be sent to you via fax or e-mail, should you lose one on the ship or ports.

Cash, Credit or Travelers Checks

When traveling, it is great to have each of these. You can always get local currency by exchanging your dollars at the docking port. Avoid carrying large cash amounts while traveling. You may want to use travellers cheque, which are replaced if they get misplaced. You may also keep credit card for the emergencies if they arise.

Some Medicines

Though you may find doctor on the ship to attend to your emergencies, but still you must keep enough supplies of daily medicines you might be taking.

Travel Insurance

It is better to have travel insurance if you are going on some long duration cruise trip. It is not so expensive and can surely save you a lot of money if something goes wrong. Like if your luggage is lost en route, they you will be reimbursed for buying the new clothing. If for some reason, you need an urgent medical attention; your bills will be paid by the insurance company. If the cruise gets cancelled due to the hurricane or other natural calamities or otherwise, you may expect some payment from the insurance agencies. Cruise line not always refunds the money to you if the hindrance in the trip is beyond their control.

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