All About Tours and Excursions in Mombasa

All About Tours and Excursions in Mombasa

All About Tours and Excursions in Mombasa – Have you ever wondered why happy people always meet at the coast of Mombasa every season? Have you ever thought that Mombasa could be one of the best coastlines to relax and feel free under the beautiful palm trees? What you need to know is that if you are speaking about spending some quality time in Africa, then it must be in Mombasa.

Tours and Excursions in Mombasa is one of the fascinating activities that many tourists opt to be aware about. With many hotels and restaurants in this second largest city, it is an activity that serves the thriving industry of tourism. Mombasa is situated 500 kilometers away from Nairobi where a plane will take an average of forty five minutes to make its airport.

Mombasa town offers a serene environment for total relaxation and comfort, which is away from the hustles and bustles of Nairobi town. The attractive nature of Mombasa originates from the fact that it lies next to the Indian Ocean and serves a big port and an international airport.

How do you go about tours and excursions in Mombasa?

This is an industry that is managed by clubs, hotels and restaurants in Mombasa and it involves either a day tour or a night tour. The day tour normally is categorized into two; half or full day. These work in regards to the tourist desire and the varying cost. Therefore, before you jump into that dhow or the sea in Mombasa, ensure that you do a bit of research on the exact charges plus its mode of payment.

This will guarantee you maximum comfort and relaxation; the main aim of your travel. Also, you should ensure that you work directly and in person with the director or the relevant people in charge of the touring hotel, restaurant or club. Your security and safety should be the number one thing on the agenda for the excursion. With, you are good to go!

Avenues that offer tours and excursions in Mombasa

There are many clubs, hotels and restaurants that offer tours and excursions in Mombasa as part of their services or their full time services.

For example:

  • Diving and sea food restaurant,
  • Coral Dhow tours,
  • Mwaluganje Elephant Sanctuary,
  • Wasini Island Cruise,
  • Bombolulu Curio Workshop,
  • Mamba Village,
  • Bora Bora Club,
  • Nature Trail Park,
  • Kisite Trail Park,
  • Punguti Marine Park and National Reserve,
  • Watamu Marine park, that is 60 miles from Mombasa,
  • Shimba Hills National Reserve, Tsavo East and West National Park amid many more.

Watamu Island, Malindi and Lamu Towns also serve as good places for excursions bearing in mind that they hold great amounts of tourists’ resources like the donkey rides among other sporting activities. These are the commonly known avenues that provide reliable and memorable excursions that is worth your fun loving time.

Packages offered by tours and excursions in Mombasa

It is important to note that all these places for tours and excursions in Mombasa normally offer different packages all together; such that, unique services are assured by each and every independent avenue.

For example: Bombolulu Curio Workshop for the handicapped, will take you around their wide workshop but may not necessarily serve your cruising needs that Coral Spirit and Dhow Tours would.

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